William Moore Hungerford [E.4]

William Moore Hungerford was the fourth child of Emanuel Hungerford and his wife and Catherine Loane, arriving with them in Australia.  William Moore Hungerford was born 20 May 1820, Co Cork, Ireland, and named after his mother’s uncle William Moore, baronet.

He married Agnes Winder [W.5], the fifth daughter Tom and Ellen Winder. They were married 5 November 1845 at St Mary’s Church, West Maitland, NSW, by the Rev. William Stack, and the witnesses were Emanuel Hungerford of Farley House and John Becher Hungerford of Font Hill. William had been living on a farm on the Allyn River north of Paterson. They continued living at Strathallyn for a couple of years, then moved to West Maitland.

By 1854 they were living at River View, Windella, Lochinvar, NSW, the property given to them by Tom Winder. William owned and inherited land in the Lochinvar and Luskintyre district and spent his days managing these properties and also some of those owned by Tom Winder, usually describing himself as ‘gentleman’. William was a well-known resident of Lochinvar, undertaking medical work and taking a prominent role in the establishment of the Lochinvar Public School.

The couple had nine children, most apparently born at Owlpen.

Eight months after the birth of the last of her children, Agnes contracted pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. She died after a seventeen-day illness, 31 August 1862, at Lochinvar, NSW, and was buried at Holy Trinity, Lochinvar, by her niece’s husband Lovick Tyrrell [E.2.3a=]. Her New Testament, dated 16 July 1841, contains records of family births and marriages, and remains in the family.

William moved to Sydney in 1876. He died at his residence Iona Cottage, West Crescent Street, near Blue’s Point, St Leonards, 13 August 1883. His son Lovick was living with him at the time. William was buried in St Thomas’ Anglican Church Cemetery, West Street, Crows Nest, NSW.

The Children of William and Agnes

[E.1.1a]  Jessie Hungerford (1846—1912) married 1874 James Aldridge Newth (1847—1923)

[E.1.2a] Walter Henry Hungerford (1848—1927) married 1880 Alice Gill (1860—1926)

[E.1.3a]  Emily Hungerford (1850—1942) married 1868 Robert Walter Doyle (1833—1916)

[E.1.4a]  Jane Hungerford (1852—1 933) married 1870 John Alfred William Wilkinson (1843—1898)

[E.1.5a]  Melville Winder Hungerford (1854—1939) married 1877 Josephine Mary Chambers (1850—1901)

[E.1.6a]  Eva Hungerford (1856—1930); not married

[E.1.7a]  Lovick Tyrrell Hungerford (1858—1899) married 1891 Janet Phipps (?-1934)

[E.1.8a]  Richard Moore Hungerford (1860~1862); not married

[E.1.9a]  Louisa Agnes Hungerford (1862-1937); not married

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