Henry Hungerford [E.5]

Henry Hungerford was the fifth child of Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford.

Henry Hungerford was born in 1822, and baptised 30 March 1822, Co Cork, Ireland.

He did not marry, and lived with his brothers on their various properties. In 1874 he was living with a Mr and Mrs Doyle1 at Lochinvar, NSW,. He had an unexpected attack of apoplexy and died at the Doyle residence, 17 November 1874, Lochinvar, NSW.

When he died his occupation was listed as “Gentleman”. An inquest was held the following day, and he was subsequently buried at Holy Trinity, Lochinvar, NSW. Probate on his estate was granted 15 January 1875.

  1. Possibly his niece Emily [E.4.3a].

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