HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 1 – May 2015

Contents: Hungerford-French-Viking Connections, by Gavin Donald; Robert Ellington Greenwood [E.2.7a.7b], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Homes: Bramhall, by Brett Harvey; Owlpen – A Tale of Two Historic Homes, by Pauline Tyrrell; Alexander William Sheppard [L.XIV.ii.2.5a.3b=], by Angela Lind.   Editorial: Two significant themes run through most of the articles in this, the first issue of the thirteenth volume of …

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HAFS Journal Vol 2 No 1 – May 1993

Contents Diaries from 30 August 1890  to 30 September 1890,  by Jessie Newth; Is Your Name Hungerford, by EL Davis; Introduction to the Jackson Papers, by Canon JE Jackson; Hungerfords in the Gulf of Carpentaria, by Betty Crowley; Memories of Owlpen and Font Hill, by Sylvia Cribb

Robert Richard Hungerford

Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2]

Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2] was the  second child of Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford. He was born 24 May 1816, Co Cork, Ireland, and named after his mother’s grandfathers, Robert Moore and Richard Loane, as well as his father’s grandfather, Richard Hungerford. He married Ellen Winder [W.2], the daughter of Tom and Ellen Winder of Windermere, …

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William Moore Hungerford [E.4]

William Moore Hungerford was the fourth child of Emanuel Hungerford and his wife and Catherine Loane, arriving with them in Australia.  William Moore Hungerford was born 20 May 1820, Co Cork, Ireland, and named after his mother’s uncle William Moore, baronet. He married Agnes Winder [W.5], the fifth daughter Tom and Ellen Winder. They were married …

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The Original Owlpen

Owlpen House in Maitland was named after Owlpen House in Gloucester. Emanuel Hungerford’s mother Anne Daunt was descended from the de Ohlpen’s. Over the years the de Ohlpen became Owlpen, pronounced ‘olepen’ rather than ‘owlpen’.