Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2]

Robert Richard Hungerford
Robert Richard Hungerford

Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2] was the  second child of Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford.

He was born 24 May 1816, Co Cork, Ireland, and named after his mother’s grandfathers, Robert Moore and Richard Loane, as well as his father’s grandfather, Richard Hungerford.

He married Ellen Winder [W.2], the daughter of Tom and Ellen Winder of Windermere, 4 February 1839. They were married by the Reverend William Stack at St Mary’s Church, West Maitland, NSW, with the consent of their fathers. Captain Emanuel had built Owlpen House in 1837 for Robert, and so the newly-weds took up residence there. In later years they sold Owlpen House and moved to Bush Villa nearby.

Robert was declared bankrupt with his brother John [E.1] on 13 February 1850, however the family did not lose everything, as much personal property was transferred into Ellen’s name, being her dowry from her father.

Following this, Robert left with brother John for California to dig for gold, departing aboard the John Munn, 14 May 1850, returning c1853. After a brief time in the Maitland area, the family moved to New Zealand, arriving in Auckland aboard the steamer William Denny on 26 January 1855. The party was comprised of Robert, Ellen, their six children, and Robert’s brother Emanuel and his family. While in New Zealand, two more daughters Helena and Marion were born. By 1862 the family had returned to New South Wales when the final child Hussey was born, and Robert resumed being a grazier.

Ellen died 18 October 1892, Owlpen, Farley, NSW, aged 72. After her death, Robert was nursed through much ill-health by his two unmarried daughters, Kate and Helena. Robert died 24 March 1897, Farley, NSW. They were both buried in Campbells Hill Cemetery, Telarah, NSW.


The Children of Robert and Ellen

E.2.1a Kate Agnes Hungerford (1839-1919); not married

E.2.2a William Augustus Hungerford (1841-1886) married 1872 Caroline Frances Langstaff (1846-1928)

E.2.3a Emma Hungerford (1843-1871) married 1860 Lovick Tyrrell (1827-1905)

E.2.4a Susan Hungerford (1845-1929) married 1869 Edward Tyrrell (1835-1909)

E.2.5a Amelia Ellen Hungerford (1847-1917) married 1874 Charles Simpson (1845-1934)

E.2.6a Robert George Hungerford (1849-1904) married 1883 Margaret Hodgkins (1858-1908)

E.2.7a Anne Loane Hungerford (1854-1941) married 1874 Robert John Greenwood (1842-1912)

E.2.8a Helena Augusta Hungerford (1856-1936); not married

E.2.9a Marion Louisa Hungerford (1858-1936) married 1883 John Davidson (1846-Bef. 1920)

E.2.10a Edward Arthur Hungerford (1860-1929); not married

E.2.11a Hussey Hastings Hungerford (1862-1899) married 1897 Selina Ann Goodwin (1874-1954)

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