When does a secret stop being a secret?

Over the last twelve months, our cousin and HAFS member Philippa Shelley-Jones [E.2.3a.6b.5c.2d.1e] has been writing about secrets which emerged about her great-great-grandfather Garland. She contrasts the negatives of knowing her great-great-grandmother was betrayed against the positives of finding new cousins who had their mystery resolved.

As a professional who works with people to examine and write their family history, Philippa ponders the larger questions of secrets and when they should be told. Read her blog at her website RecordMyPast.com.au.

When Does a Secret Stop Being a Secret?

Is it time to look into some unusual stories in your family history? Share your story or “brick wall” with us, and let our members help you with your search through records and DNA. All enquiries are treated as confidential and with care.

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