Anne Loane Hungerford [E.8]

Anne Loane Hungerford [E.8] was the eighth child of Emanuel Hungerford [E] and Catherine Loane.

She was born 4 May 1827, Co Cork, Ireland.  She was a baby when they left Ireland and only one year old when they arrived in Australia.

She married the Rev Robert Chapman, 7 May 1850, at St Mary’s Church, West Maitland. They were married by the Rev HO Irwin, and witnesses were Emanuuel Hungerford, Catherine Hungerford, Thomas Chapman and Emma H Wood. Emma married Anne’s brother Thomas [E.6] in 1852.

Robert Chapman emigrated from Ireland to Australia, sometime in the late 1830s. He stayed in the Swan River colony (now Perth, WA) for some time, then sailed to Sydney, arriving aboard the Caledonia, 30 April 1840. In 1843 Bishop William Broughton appointed him catechist to the Reverend TB Naylor on Norfolk Island. He completed his theological training at what became Moore College, classes being conducted in the crypt of St James’ King Street. Sydney, NSW. He was ordained deacon in 1846 and priest in 1847 by Bishop Broughton, and appointed to St Mary’s Church, West Maitland, NSW, where he met his wife Anne.

Anne and Robert worked at St Mary’s for their entire married life, almost thirty years, with the oversight of a congregation including many families related to the Hungerfords. Robert died at St Mary‘s Parsonage, Maitland, NSW, 9 February 1879, aged 64. He is buried opposite Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford and beside his daughter-in-law Alice Clara Chapman in Campbells Hill Cemetery, Telarah, NSW. A memorial window to him was erected in St Mary’s Church, and still stands.

Anne subsequently left Maitland to live in Strathfield, Sydney, with her family. Anne died 30 April 1920, Strathfield, NSW, just short of her 93rd birthday, being the second last surviving child of Emanuel and Catherine.

Many of the Chapman descendants were given the name Wellesley, for the Duke of Wellington gave a gold pencil to Robert when he left Ireland on condition that he name a son after him. This promise has been kept up to the present day, and over 30 descendants have borne the name Wellesley.

Children of Anne and Robert

[] Robert Edward Chapman (1851-1939) married (1) 1872 Alice Clara Chippendall (1853-1872) married (2) 1878 Bessie Sophia Cliff (1858-1939)

[E.8.2a] Grant Broughton Chapman (1853-1922); not married

[E.8.3a] Archibald Wellesley Chapman (1855-1946) married 1884 Gertrude Elizabeth Spasshatt (1866-1945)

[E.8.4a] Annie Katherine Chapman (1858-1926); not married

[E.8.5a] Ernest Wykeham Chapman (1859-1898); not married

[E.8.6a] Tempe Florence Chapman (1862-1949) married 1882 Alexander Robert Minter (1854-1929)

[E.8.7a] Florence Edith Chapman (1864-1956) married 1883 Charles Frederick Lindeman (1854-1932)

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