Becher Hungerford [B]

Becher Hungerford was born 17 March 1822, Burren, Co Cork, Ireland, the son of Richard Hungerford and his wife Jane Hungerford. Becher was thus a nephew of Captain Emanuel Hungerford. He married Lucinda Sarah Norcott, 4 June 1844, Kilnegross, Co Cork, Ireland.

They left their Irish home with their five children and took the ship Champion of the Seas to Australia, departing from Liverpool, England, 10 October 1854. They arrived in Melbourne, Vic, in December 1854 and eventually settled in the Echuca region of Victoria.

Lucinda died 29 January 1890, Jamieson Street, Moama, NSW, aged 66. Becher died 21 December 1900, Hare Street, Echuca, Vic They are buried in Echuca Cemetery, Echuca, Vic.

Children of Becher and Lucinda

[1a]    Richard Becher Hungerford (1845–1858); not married

[2a]    Katharine Norcott Hungerford (1847–1929) married 1874 Moritz Edward Simonds (c1847–1881)

[3a]    William Boyle Hungerford (1849–1930) married 1894 Florence Emelia Lamb (1867–1941)

[4a]    Becher Hungerford (1851–1865); not married

[5a]    Norcott John Hungerford (1854–1860); not married

[6a]    George Thomas Hungerford (1856–1931); not married

[7a]    Jane Letitia Hungerford (1858–1934) married 1885 Joshua Thomas O’Connor (d1904)

[8a]    Edmund Thomas Hungerford (1861–1950) married 1888 Catherine Wands Ewing Burdett (1868–1958)

[9a]    Lucinda Frances Hungerford (1863–1864); not married

[10a]  Francis Robert Hungerford (1864–1945) married (1) 1888 Maria Pomeroy (1864–1903); married (2) 1905 Martha Elizabeth Long (1885–1931)


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