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Tags enable authors to set up links between posts that might exist now or in the future, because they are used by the Related Posts feature. This creates a flow or navigation path for a user from one piece of information to another that might be relevant.  Tags are like an index entry and hence can be used to both “connect” posts with similar content and also to enable a user to finds a number of posts with quite specific information, eg the name of a ship.

Related Posts are shown at the bottom of a post. Any post that has a common tag with the one being viewed could be displayed.  Related Posts only displays a limited number of posts and chooses them based on the algorithm of the plugin we use.  There are various plugins available and we might want to switch, but we can’t really tell until we have a good number of tagged posts and the tags have been used effectively.

Unlike categories, tags do not have to be predefined. This gives the author great flexibility and the way we use tags might evolve.  We can view all the tags used as a “tag cloud” and retag posts if necessary, but here are some guidelines to get started.

Any post:

  • You don’t want to create a tag for every person and place mentioned in a post because this will generate too many unrelated links.  Search boxes can be used to find something specific even if it hasn’t been tagged.
  • If you are creating a set of posts that you know are related, make sure they all have a tag that is common to each other and perhaps one that is also distinct from other tags. We might need a series ID.

For people:

  • Create a tag for the key person’s full name, including their HAFS code, if relevant
  • The name and HAFS code of their ancestor(s), each separated by a comma.
  • Do not put parentheses around the HAFS code.

For places:

  • Create a tag for the name of the place (for example a property or cemetery, Baerami or Owlpen)
  • The closest town and country (e.g. Maitland, Australia)

For ships:

  • use the name, there is no need to include the “style” of the ship ie SS, RMS etc

Remember that the search function will find specific words and phrases, the purpose of tags is to “group” posts of a similar nature or content, enabling a user to find similar posts with a more general approach. Tags are also used by search engines as keywords for ranking, so think of the key point of the article, not necessarily just names or places that appear in the text.

Here’s a tag “cloud” showing 100 tags currently in use in our website.Potentially there can be thousands of tags.

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