Forums have started – try them out!

We have created a few forums to get you started.  (Yes, Latin students, the plural of forum is really fora, but in the web world it is usually forums.)

They provide a place on our website for members only to easily ask questions, and share ideas and information.

Any member can create a new topic in a forum or reply to comments in a topic (just like you do in emails or Facebook). So this is an informal communication area.  Topics will be closed off later if they become irrelevant.

We will need to do a bit of work on the appearance of the forums. Our current WordPress theme doesn’t do a very good job in this area,  however, the forums are still easy to use. Please try them out and, once we get feedback, we can improve them.

To view the forum topics:

  1. Click on Forums in the top menu.
  2. Select a forum to explore, by clicking on a link.
  3. Click on a topic link to read the topic and enter a reply below.

To create a new topic:

  1. In the forum page, select a forum using the link.
  2. In the space below the existing topics, fill in a topic title, then text. There are some editing buttons for making text bold, italic etc. (They are hard to read, but you can experiment and fix with editing later.)
  3. Enter tags (keywords), if you wish.
  4. Press Submit.

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