HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 2 – Nov 2011


Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert – 15 Feb 1909 to 2 Aug 1910, by Lesley Abrahams;

Thomas Hungerford [E.6] – His Political Life, by Pauline Tyrrell;

17th Century Hungerford – Long Link, by Stanley Hungerford;

Powlett Brass, Minety Church, Wiltshire, by Stanley Hungerford.



At least one New South Wales Hungerford forebear played an active role in 19th century political life – Thomas Hungerford (E.6). Pauline Tyrrell has undertaken a thorough search through newspaper and Parliamentary records to document his somewhat chequered career in the Parliament of New South Wales: Thomas clearly played ‘mine host’ to a level rarely seen these days!

Before readers reach her fascinating account, however, more fascination is in view through the publication of a second tranche of the letters written by Edward Kenelm Hungerford to the young woman who would become his spouse, May Lambert. These letters have been carefully transcribed and annoted by their grand-daughter, Lesley Jane Abrahams, and offer intriguing insights into several facets of Australian life-experiences in the early 20th century – cross- cultural, colonial, religious and gender relations. The final tranche will be published in the next volume of the HAFS Journal – yes, readers, you must wait awhile for the final denouement!

Alongside these longer articles are two short pieces arising from the continued curiosity and persistence of our USA contact, Stanley Hungerford. This time he has managed to resolve the complex inter-relationship between a 16th century Hungerford ancestor and the descendants of Henry Long; and then presents and describes two most interesting wall plaques in a parish church near Down Ampney, England.

With many thanks to these writers and researchers – and I am delighted to say that the next issue of the HAFS Journal is well on the way to being full!

Charles Sherlock








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