HAFS Journal Vol 4 No 2 – Nov 1997



The Hanging of Agnes Hungerford

Thomas Hungerford of Chelsea, by Judith Fitz-Henry;

Sheldon Manor, by Ron Prentice;

Brian Robert Hungerford; by Meredyth Hungerford;

The Will of Henry Jones Hungerford, by Anne Conrad;

A Visit to Grandparents, by Vera Hungerford Farnham;

Hungerford Lists: English BDMs 1837-1900, by Peter Sherlock.



by Peter Sherlock

This Journal brings tales from England, Ireland and Australia, written in Canada, Australia and England. Your editor is now at Oxford, and I express my gratitude to my father, the Revd Dr Charles Sherlock, for enabling the production of this issue.

The first article presents in poetry the tale of Agnes Hungerford, hanged for murder in 1523 at Tyburn. This poem points to a number of sources of further information which will hopefully be reproduced in future issues.

Also on an English theme is Judith Fitz-Henry’s story of happening upon the memorial to Thomas Hungerford of Chelsea, another sixteenth century Hungerford, and she shows that wherever one one turns, Hungerfords are bound to be discovered. Ron Prentice describes a Hungerford property from the same period, Sheldon Manor, which he encourages us to visit when in England.

Anne Conrad continues to provide anecdotes and information about her ancestor Henry Jones Hungerford of Cahermore, Ireland, extending accounts from our last two issues. Meanwhile another descendant of Henry, Brian Hungerford, who was recently honoured with a major Australian award, is accounted for in the words of Meredyth Hungerford.

Finally, this Journal begins a new series of ‘Hungerford Lists’, publishing raw data to ensure that the work of Society members is preserved in libraries and made available for others to inspect, in the tradition of the English and Irish issues of the last two years.

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