HAFS Journal Vol 7 No 1 – May 2003


Editorial, by Peter Sherlock;

Who was on the Alexander Henry?, HAFS Committee;

A Coincidence on the Alexander Henry, by John B S Hungerford and Elizabeth Hungerford;

The Loanes in Australia, by Eric Young;

Reflections of a 21st Century Hungerford;

Geoffrey Moore Hungerford (1903— 2002), by John B S Hungerford;

Hungerford List: Hungerfords in Colonial Australia 1828—1900.


This issue of the journal commemorates the 175th anniversary of the arrival in Australia of the first people bearing the surname Hungerford. Captain Emanuel Hungerford, his wife Catherine, their eight children, servants and relations arrived on board the Alexander Henry on 17 May 1828, an event commemorated with a HAFS gathering in Sydney in May 2003. Included in this issue are two of the addresses delivered at that event, one by Eric Young on the migrations of the descendants of Dr Richard Loane of Bandon, county Cork.

The first article, produced through the research efforts of several Committee members, and the second article by John BS & Elizabeth Hungerford, detail what is known about the ship which brought the Hungerfords to Sydney and its thirty-three passengers who spent some five months at sea. Sadly no picture of the ship appears to survive.

Our Treasurer, John Hungerford, writes of the long life of his father, Geoff Hungerford, who is known to many in the Society from his faithful attendance at HAFS events over the last decade. Geoffrey Moore Hungerford died aged 99, and his life span and memories thus covered over half the period in which Hungerfords have lived in Australia.

To round off the coverage of Australian Hungerfordiana, this issue’s Hungerford List is an alphabetically sorted index of all Hungerford births, deaths and marriages registered in the six Australian colonies from 1828 to 1900, including recorded baptisms, marriages and burials which pre-date the commencement of civil registration in the l850s.

Finally, our front and back cover pose a problem for readers to solve. These two photographs are the first pair in an old album of family portraits held by Rosamond (Swire) Keeble and her daughter Willys which were recently viewed by our Secretary, Betty Crowley, on a visit to Melbourne. Some of the other photos can be identified as Hungerford children and grandchildren, – but could these two be the patriarch and matriarch of the Australian Hungerford family?

by Peter Sherlock

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