A Promotion for Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck [B.3a.2b.7c.1d]


Senator Richard Colbeck
Senator Richard Colbeck

Tasmanian Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck has been appointed as Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care in the new Scott Morrison Cabinet, following the May 2019 elections. Senator Colbeck was also appointed Minister for Youth and Sport. 

Senator  Colbeck is excited about taking on these new responsibilities. 

“It is an important time in these portfolios, particularly with the Aged Care Royal Commission underway and the need to support senior Australians in their later life.  There is always plenty to do in the area of sport and I look forward to continuing the Liberal National Government’s focus on local and community sport, including the booming area of female participation. I am also delighted to take on the role of Minister for Youth, to support Australia’s next generation to make the most of the exciting opportunities our country has in the coming years”.

The Tasmanian Senator was first elected to Parliament in the 2001 election, serving under John Howard and stayed in the Senate until he lost his seat in 2016.   Colbeck was demoted to fifth place on the Liberal Senate ticket and while polling an unusually high below-the-line tally, nonetheless lost his seat.

Then, in 2017, fellow Tasmanian Liberal Senator Stephen Parry was forced to announce his resignation when he too thought he could be a dual citizen and hence caught up in the s44 citizenship “crisis”. That paved the way for Senator Colbeck to return to the Senate, where he’s been since.

Over the years, Senator Colbeck has taken on lower-level roles across a large range of portfolios including Health, Agriculture, Innovation, Fisheries and Forestry.


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