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An artist colours her world

The future looks bright for Lucy Tyrrell [E.2.4a.5b.2c.2d.1e], who is looking to turn her painting ‘‘side hustle’’ into a career. ‘‘If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out, but at least I tried.’’

A Letter From the Front, 1916

Roy Hungerford Wilshire [E.6.13a.1b] was born on 12 July 1895 at Mooriwarra, Mosman, NSW. He served with the AIF in World War I, initially as a driver with the 8th Field Ambulance, Sec A. Roy was later attached to the Australian Army Pay Corps and made an Hon 2nd Corporal.

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

“The Duchess” – Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a quote that is well known to all of us and was originally penned by Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford [H.2a=] (born 27 April 1859) in her book Molly Bawn, the story of a flirtatious and petulant Irish girl, who arouses her lover’s jealousy and naively ignores social conventions. Initially publishing under the nom de plume “The Duchess”, the life and times of Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford is celebrated annually on the “Duchess Who Wasn’t Day”.