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John Hungerford, Lieut RN (, died 25 February 1849, Co. Cork, Ireland.

According to the Hungerford family tree of c.1850 in the Dublin Genealogical Office, John was the son of George Hungerford, and grandson of John Hungerford of Dunmore, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland. (Dunmore is five miles south of Clonakilty, and a bit further to Inchydoney (Little Island), which is no longer an island, but a tombolo – a geographical peninsula; maybe once it would have been cut off at high tide.) He was therefore the nephew of Ryder Hungerford (Y) who married Margaret Finlay in 1807, and first cousin of Thomas George Hungerford (Y.iii), who emigrated to Victoria then New Zealand in 1853.

John may have been baptised 26 September 1810.

He married Catherine Hackett. John and Catherine had two daughters who, after marriages in Co. Cork, Ireland, emigrated to Victoria, with their husbands and families.


Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry (SH1)

(d. 1680)

m. 1640 Mary (May) White


Colonel Richard Hungerford of The Island (SH2)


m. Mary Moore


The Reverend Emanuel Hungerford (SH6)


(2) Letitia Ryder


John Hungerford of Clonakilty (SH13)

(d. 1796)


George Hungerford of Clonakilty

| Lieut John Hungerford RN

(d. 1849)

Catherine Hackett



 |                                                                                                                                                                                                      | Mary Ann Hungerford                                      Eliza Hungerford

m. 1849 Thomas Gash                                                               m. 1850 Francis Martin



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