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May-1991Volume 1 Number 1The Hungerfords: a poemIan Ellis
May-1991Volume 1 Number 1The Saga of HeritageDr T. G. Hungerford
May-1991Volume 1 Number 1The Home is the HunterMarcia Hungerford Clarke
May-1991Volume 1 Number 1Heritage Week Tour 1989Ron Prentice
May-1991Volume 1 Number 1"Font Hill": Historians make Second Visit (reprinted from the Newcastle and Hunter District Historical Society Journal, May 1949, Vol III, Part VIII.)
May-1991Volume 1 Number 1Cover: Emanuel Hungerford and Catherine Loane (reproduced from copies held by Marcia Clarke)
Nov-1991Volume 1 Number 2Tom White Melville Winder: the Voyages of 1814-1817Bob Winder & Ron Prentice
Nov-1991Volume 1 Number 2Archibald Wellesley ('Wells') Chapman: My Early Bush Experiences, with an Introduction by Judith Mary Wellesley Fitz-HenryArchibald Wellesley Chapman
Nov-1991Volume 1 Number 2A Hungerford Letter (1848), Annie Hungerford to Septimus Hungerford, with an Introduction by Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock
Nov-1991Volume 1 Number 2Hungerfords & Bridges: Family ConnectionsAlfred Bridge Watts
Nov-1991Volume 1 Number 2Cover: Annie (Hungerford) Chapman (1827-1920) (courtesy of Marcia Clarke)
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3The Close Family (reproduced courtesy of The John Palmer Society)
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3"Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee"Sir Marcus Loane
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3Tom White Melville Winder: Part 2: The Sydney MerchantBob Winder & Ron Prentice
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3The Pilcher and Hungerford ConnectionAnn Ashby
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3Archibald Wellesley ('Wells') Chapman: My Early Bush Experiences. Part 2: Holidays and GrandparentsArchibald Wellesley Chapman
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3Determining Relationships using Hungerfords of the HunterJohn B. S. Hungerford
May-1992Volume 1 Number 3Cover: Catherine (Loane) Hungerford (1786-1867) with Mrs. Margery Loane (1741-1809), her grandmother (courtesy of Peter Sherlock and Betty Loane)
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4My Early Bush Experiences. Part 3: School-days and Grandparents' DeathsArchibald Wellesley Chapman
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4The New Zealand SagaSue Hungerford
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4Achievement by DefaultRon Prentice
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4Shirley Ursula Mary Hungerford, including "Thiawanda"Meredyth Hungerford
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4The Daunt FamilyFrances Schwarze
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4Famous Crosshaven FamiliesWilliam George Daunt
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4Tom White Melville Winder, Part 3: 1821: Change of DirectionRon Prentice
Nov-1992Volume 1 Number 4Drawing of gravestone of Colonel Townsend Hungerford, in Melbourne General Cemetery
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Diaries from 30 August 1890 to 30 September 1890Jessie Newth
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Is Your Name HungerfordE. L. Davis
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Introduction to the Jackson PapersCanon J. E. Jackson
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Hungerfords in the Gulf of CarpentariaBetty Crowley
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Memories of "Owlpen" and "Font Hill"Sylvia Cribb
May-1993Volume 2 Number 1Jessie (Hungerford) Newth (1846-1912)
Nov-1993Volume 2 Number 2Septimus HungerfordMelville Newth
Nov-1993Volume 2 Number 2John Hungerford, Esq.: RememberedMarlene Peterson
Nov-1993Volume 2 Number 2Diaries from 1 October - 8 December 1890Jessie Newth
Nov-1993Volume 2 Number 2Cover: Septimus Hungerford (1825-1927) (from a portrait in the possession of his descendants)
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3Footsteps: The Hungerfords of Down AmpneyRonald H. Prentice
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3Thomas Hungerford of RathbarryPeter D. Sherlock
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3InchedonyMarcia Hungerford Clarke
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3When One & One Makes OneRonald H. Prentice
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3Garnet Marcus Hungerford (1882-1929)Beverley (Hungerford) Reilly
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3"Home-Made" Car (reprinted from Sea, Land and Air, September 1922 pp.451-2.
May-1994Volume 2 Number 3The Armorial Bearings of John Hungerford (1658-1729). The cover illustration is reproduced from an original contained in the Jackson Papers.
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4Baerami Creek 160th Anniversary CelebrationsBetty Crowley
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4The Hungerford Rocket CarKeith Marvin
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4Hungerford HeraldryRon Prentice
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4Thomas Melville WinderMaitland Mercury 26 April 1881
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4Two Hungerford Wills: Edith Strange (1599) and John Hungerford (1729)
Nov-1994Volume 2 Number 4Seal of Walter Lord Hungerford (1378-1449)
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1Hunting for HungerfordBetty Crowley
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1The Hungerford BridgeRon Prentice
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1The Wellington ConnectionNewth Family
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1"We Warn't so Pertickler" - A Peom about the Church at Farleigh HungerfordAnon.
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1The Tomb of Lord Walter Hungerford KG in Salisbury CathedralCannon Fletcher
May-1995Volume 3 Number 1Captain Emanuel Hungerford (1785-1872)
Nov-1995Volume 3 Number 2???
Nov-1995Volume 3 Number 2
Nov-1995Volume 3 Number 2
May-1996Volume 3 Number 3Farley CastleBetty Crowley
May-1996Volume 3 Number 3The Hungerfords of England: Genealogical Charts of the Main Branches (compiled from Canon Jackson's Papers)
May-1996Volume 3 Number 3A Hungerford Achievement - painted by a descendant of Anne Hungerford Chapman
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4Frederick Hungerford 1891-1966Veronica Hungerford
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4Dr Tom Hungerford & Ian EllisJudith Fitz-Henry
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4AgincourtDiana Mitchell
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4The Unfortunate HungerfordsRonald Mathieson
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4Estate Management, Mismanagement (& Poachers) at Down AmpneyBruce Jones
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4Return to CahermoreAnne Conrads
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4A Sequel to a ShipwreckMargaret Dunne & Ron Prentice
Nov-1996Volume 3 Number 4Evaline Victoria Carmichael
May-1997Volume 4 Number 1Map of County Cork
May-1997Volume 4 Number 1A Little Piece of IrelandBetty Crowley
May-1997Volume 4 Number 1A Day in Inchydoney 'the Gentle Isle'Betty Crowley
May-1997Volume 4 Number 1Irish Hungerford GenealogyPeter Sherlock
May-1997Volume 4 Number 1Henry Jones Hungerford 1825-1905
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2The Hanging of Agnes Hungerford???
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2Thomas Hungerford of ChelseaJudith Fitz-Henry
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2Sheldon ManorRon Prentice
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2Brian Robert HungerfordMeredyth Hungerford
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2The Will of Henry Jones HungerfordAnne Conrad
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2A Visit to GrandparentsVera Hungerford Farnham
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2Hungerford Lists: English BDMs 1837-1900Peter Sherlock
Nov-1997Volume 4 Number 2Henry Jones and Mary Boone Hungerford with their seven sons and two daughters (courtesy of Anne Conrad)
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3Lady Agnes HungerfordW.J. Hardy (1880)
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3Tracing the HungerfordsWalter Goodman
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3The Search for Ernest ChapmanJudith M.W. Fitz-Henry and Loane Lilley
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3Thomas Hungerford and Baerami StationIan Ellis
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3British Difficulties Under Solution (Part 1)Frederick R. Hungerford
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3Hungerford Lists 2: English BDMs 1901-1950Peter Sherlock
May-1998Volume 4 Number 3Thomas Hungerford with four of his children -Florence, Kenneth, Rose and Thomas
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4Nevell Owen HungerfordMolly Brown and Meredyth Hungerford
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4More Cahermore Hungerfords including ïCahirmoreÍ and ïThe Hamiltons of MilleinÍBetty Crowley Reine & Elsie Argles
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4British Difficulties under Solution (Part 2)Frederick R. Hungerford
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4Hungerford Lists 3:Peter Sherlock and Richard Renold
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4PCC Will Index 1383-1858
Nov-1998Volume 4 Number 4Grave of Mary Boone Hungerford (nee Cowper)
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1600th Anniversary Commemoration of Sir Thomas Hungerford: invitation, abstract of the service, report in The Times, and the Sermon by the Bishop of Bath & Wells
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1On Joining the Hungerford ClanStanley Hungerford
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1On Further Tracing the HungerfordsWalter Goodman
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1ïBaeramiÍ and Charles Simpson: The Hub of a WheelRon Prentice
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1An Irish-Australian Freemason: Edward Hungerford (1863-1956)'C.S.'
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1Hungerford Lists 4: Probate Records in England & Wales 1858_1992Peter Sherlock
May-1999Volume 5 Number 1Cover: Sir Thomas Hungerford
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Letter on the SocietyÍs 10th yearRon Prentice
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Edmund Alexander Hungerford (1853_1937) & Rose Martin (1866_1931)Tom Hungerford
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Hope NewthBetty Crowley
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Arthur Hungerford Thompson (E.9.5a.1b) and familyMadeleine Knizek
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Captain Thomas of RathbarryPeter Sherlock
Nov-1999Volume 5 Number 2Cover: Inaugural Meeting of the Hungerford & Associated Families Society _ Mosman 1990
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3What does Heraldry Mean (Part I)Ron Mathieson
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3A Friend of the Family Hungerford: E.L. Davis RememberedMarlene Peterson
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Some Hungerford Skeletons in the Australian ClosetRon Prentice
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Two Early Australian Sisters: Ellen Johnson Winder & Mary Lister DoddsPeter Sherlock
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Recollections of the Kilpatrick Family: Margaret Florence KilpatrickMary McLaren
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3The State of New EnglandMolly Brown
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Life at Cassilis and MerriwaHerminie Swainston
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3A Tale told by Madge KilpatrickLilian Donald
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Mrs KilpatrickÍs HorseLilian Donald
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Hungerford Lists (4): Probate Records outside the PCC before 1858Peter Sherlock
May-2000Volume 5 Number 3Cover: Margaret Florence Kilpatrick (1907-1991)
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4An Australian Hungerford Christmas LetterMinna Hales
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Christmas at Corsham: Hungerfords in VerseNicholas Oldisworth
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4The Gatehouse at Down AmpneyBruce V. Jones
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Brief Notes from HAFS Members:
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Monmouth HarryRon Prentice
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Mitford - Hungerford linksLoane Lilley
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Thompson-Hungerford associationsLoane Lilley
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Ernest Wykeham ChapmanLoane Lilley
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4The Naming of the City of SydneyStanley Wayne Hungerford
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4What Does Heraldry Mean? Part IIRon Mathieson
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4Hungerford Lists (5): New Zealand BDMsPeter Sherlock
Nov-2000Volume 5 Number 4The Heraldic Arms of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1Blue Gum ForestNevell Hungerford
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1HAFS Meets Stan HungerfordJudith Fitz-Henry
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1'A Farthing Makes the Difference', London in 1845Ron Prentice
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1From Sydney to Auckland: A Letter to Waimarie HungerfordMinna Hales
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1Hungerford Heraldry Part 1Ron Mathieson
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1Ellen Johnson Winder: UpdatePeter Sherlock
May-2001Volume 6 Number 1The illustration on the front cover is Hungerford Market, The Strand, London, drawn by Tho. H. Shepherd and engraved by T. Barber, and printed by Jones & Co., May 14, 1830
Nov-2001Volume 6 Number 2Back to our Roots, incl. Black Bourton Parish RecordsKathleen Tomkins
Nov-2001Volume 6 Number 2Hungerfords and Associates at LochinvarJohn Hungerford
Nov-2001Volume 6 Number 2Hungerford Heraldry Part IIRon Mathieson
Nov-2001Volume 6 Number 2Determining Relationships using Hungerfords Down UnderJohn Hungerford
Nov-2001Volume 6 Number 2The front cover depicts the tomb of Sir John Hungerford (d 1634) in the Hungerford Chapel, All Saints Church, Down Ampney, Gloucestershire
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3Townsend J. W. Hungerford: Historian and History-MakerSue Hungerford
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3Thomas Hungerford and the Boer WarBetty Crowley
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3Another Hungerford Letter: the Nohoval InheritanceT. W. Hungerford
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3Hungerford Heraldry Part IIIRon Mathieson
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3The Will of Emanuel HungerfordPeter Sherlock
May-2002Volume 6 Number 3The illustration on the front cover is a portrait of Townsend James William Hungerford, in possession of his descendants in New Zealand (courtesy of Sue Hungerford)
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4A Parliamentary Colonel: Anthony Hungerford (d 1657)Barry Watson
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4Following the Hungerford Name: The Holdich-HungerfordsStan Hungerford
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4Richard Colt Hoare and HungerfordianaPeter Sherlock
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4Loane Family Wills
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4Hungerfords in the 1901 Census of England and Wales
Nov-2002Volume 6 Number 4The illustration on the front cover is a miniature of Dr Richard Loane, part of a set inherited by his son George Loane, grandson Richard Hussey Loane, great-grandson George Loane and great-great-granddaughter Betty Loane
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1Who was on the Alexander Henry?HAFS Committee
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1A Coincidence on the Alexander HenryJohn B. S. Hungerford and Elizabeth Hungerford
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1The Loanes in AustraliaEric Young
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1Reflections of a 21st Century Hungerford
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1Geoffrey Moore Hungerford (1903-2002)John B. S Hungerford
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1Hungerford List: Hungerfords in Colonial Australia 1828-1900
May-2003Volume 7 Number 1Is this man Captain Emanuel Hungerford?
Nov-2003Volume 7 Number 2Researching the Reverend Robert ChapmanJudith Fitz-Henry
Nov-2003Volume 7 Number 2Robert Chapman (1814-1879)Judith Fitz-Henry
Nov-2003Volume 7 Number 2The Purple Silk DocumentRon Hunter
Nov-2003Volume 7 Number 2The illustration on the front cover is the Reverend Robert Chapman (1814-1879) copied from an original a daguerrotype in the possession of J. M. W. Fitz-Henry
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3The De Winton familyPeter Sherlock
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3Horsemen's TalesRon Prentice
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3John Knight (1812-1912) and the HungerfordsBruce and Lindsey Ward
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3The Hungerford Double-HelixRon Mathieson
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3Snippets from the Maitland Mercury
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3Hungerfords at War: Australians in the Great WarPeter Sherlock
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3Hungerfords at War: Australia's WW2 Nominal RollEric Young
May-2004Volume 7 Number 3Notice in the Maitland Mercury & Hunter River Gazette, 24 November 1847, Page 3
Nov-2004Volume 7 Number 4TAG Hungerford in conversation with Phillip Adams on Late Night Live (ABC Radio, 6 October 2003) On Writing the Biography of TAG Hungerford???
Nov-2004Volume 7 Number 4The Testament of Lady Margaret Hungerford 1476Michael Crouch
Nov-2004Volume 7 Number 4The illustration on the front cover is of Thomas Arthur Guy 'Tom' Hungerford, the well-known Australian writer
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Australian Vignerons 1
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Kelman and the Care of the VineBetty Crowley
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Lindemans: Dr Henry John Lindeman and the connection to the Hungerford FamilyJudith Fitz-Henry
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Drayton Family Wines including an interview with Max DraytonBetty Crowley
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1TyrrellÍs Wines, including The Rothbury Estate, Terrace Vale, and Blue Tongue BreweryBruce & Pauline Tyrrell
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1McDonaldsÍ VineyardsMargaret MacDougall
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1ïHungerford HillÍJohn B. S. Hungerford
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Hanging Rock WineryAnn Ellis
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Coldstream HillsJohn B S Hungerford
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Cargo Road WineryJohn B S Hungerford
May-2005Volume 8 Number 1Cudgegong VineyardDuncan Higgs
Nov-2005Volume 8 Number 2Bourke Street, MaitlandPauline and Barry Richardson
Nov-2005Volume 8 Number 2The Stranger and the Statesman: a review articleJohn B. S. Hungerford
Nov-2005Volume 8 Number 2Rowland Walpole Loane, Esq.: Two of his Sydney HousesEric Young
Nov-2005Volume 8 Number 2The illustration on the front cover is taken from the website of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC USA.
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Molly BrownÍs MemoriesMollie Brown
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Anne Loane Hungerford (later Chapman): ïA Seed GrowsÍPaul S. Robertson
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Probate Packets - A Rich Genealogical SourceEric Young
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Vane Hungerford Pennell- a British Gold Medal WinnerS.W. Hungerford
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Hungerford GeographyS.W. Hungerford et alia
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3An Indian Mutiny EscapadeG.A.W. Hungerford (recorded)
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Titanic auction breaks all records - Hungerford miniature reaches $140,000???
May-2006Volume 8 Number 3Molly Brown
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4Will of Catherine Hungerford (E.6=2)
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4Will and Codicils of Thomas Hungerford (E.6)
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4ïAddressÍ to Wm Moore Hungerford, ïReplyÍ, and Newspaper accountRebecca Lundy
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4Sir Edward Coke: Hungerford ancestorPauline Tyrrell
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4The Honorable Orville Hungerford - humble origins, near greatness Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. & Andre James Hungerford
Nov-2006Volume 8 Number 4The illustration on the front cover is the front page of the Illuminated Address presented to Wm Moore Hungerford
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1ïAunt EthelÍ: Ethel May Hungerford (E.6.13a)Betty Crowley
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1Surveying New South Wales - The PathfindersAngela Lind (compiler)
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1The Corbett FamilyGill Meteyard
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1Hungerford LandsDennis Martin (compiler)
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1Hungerford and Associated Families and the First World WarRebecca Lundy
May-2007Volume 9 Number 1The front cover photo depicts two Hungerfords (at far left and right) who served in the First World War
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2The Minter FamilyJudith Fitz-Henry
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Peregrinations of a Pastoral Parson: Journals of the Revd Alfred GlenniePauline Tyrrell (ed)
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Thomas Gordon Hungerford 1911 - 2007 (The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 November 2007)Dr Douglas Bryden & Dr John Bryden
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Thomas Gordon Hungerford _ EulogyDr Douglas Bryden & Dr John Bryden
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Thomas Gordon Hungerford _ A TributeBernard Hungerford
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Thomas Gordon Hungerford _ A TributeDr Doug Hungerford
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2Thomas Gordon Hungerford _ A TributeMontague Hungerford-Symes
Nov-2007Volume 9 Number 2The front cover picture is of Dr & Mrs Thomas and Roslyn Hungerford
May-2008Volume 9 Number 3ïThe Way It WasÍ (Part I): The memoirs of Richard Hungerford (H.9a.2b)???
May-2008Volume 9 Number 3Munglinup ReunionPauline Tyrrell
May-2008Volume 9 Number 3Recollections of Early MunglinupïJackÍ Compagnoni
May-2008Volume 9 Number 3John Tyrrell Kelman (E.2.4a.7b.1c)Pauline Tyrrell
May-2008Volume 9 Number 3The front cover picture is of Lieutenant Richard Hungerford (H.9a.2b), probably taken upon his graduation from Sandhurst. He reached the rank of Major.
Nov-2008Volume 9 Number 4ïThe Way It WasÍ (Part II): The memoirs of Richard Hungerford (H.9a.2b)???
Nov-2008Volume 9 Number 4A bottle of whiskey, a pack of cards and a pistol Richard T. Hungerford
Nov-2008Volume 9 Number 4Soldier, Lawyer, Politician: Brigadier General John Pratt Hungerford Richard W. Hungerford Jr & Andre James Hungerford
Nov-2008Volume 9 Number 4TyrrellÍs Wines - 150th CelebrationsPauline Tyrrell
Nov-2008Volume 9 Number 4The front cover picture is of a fragment of a 13 inch shell unearthed from the Battle of the White House Landing during the American War of Independence
May-2009Volume 10 Number 1Hungerford Stories from Far North Queensland in the 1880s: the Infamous Case of Clarke & HungerfordPauline Tyrrell
May-2009Volume 10 Number 1Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 1 Pauline Tyrrell
May-2009Volume 10 Number 1The front cover picture is of a group of North Queensland Hungerfords with Edward Hungerford
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2Two pieces of Australian history: The Cullin-a-ringo Massacres & Tom WillsPauline Tyrrell
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 2 Pauline Tyrrell
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2James Vernon (E.2.3a.8b.2c)Pauline Tyrrell
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2Hungerfords and the Smithsonian InstitutionJohn B.S. Hungerford
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2An eerie Hungerford story: IntroductionJudith Fitz-Henry
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2An eerie Hungerford story: StoryMarcia Hungerford Clark
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2Sir Edward Hungerford (1632-1711)Jenny Wilson
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2The Burkitt LadiesPeter Halliday
Nov-2009Volume 10 Number 2The front cover picture is of Tom Wills with the Aboriginal cricket team which toured England
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Halliday, Hungerford and the Hunter James Halliday
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Jarretts of OrangePip Jarrett
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Alderley Creek WinesJohn B. S. Hungerford
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Roth, Adam (1857-1898) Kate Roth
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Audrey Wilkinson Wines???
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Watagan Valley Estate - Justine Le MercierJohn B. S. Hungerford
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Arthur Dalrymple KelmanPauline Tyrrell
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Robert Richard ïTimÍ TyrrellPauline Tyrrell
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 3 Pauline Tyrrell
May-2010Volume 10 Number 3Captain Hungerford of Fort HuachucaStanley Wayne Hungerford
Nov-2010Volume 10 Number 4A Peripatetic LifeBetty Constance Hungerford
Nov-2010Volume 10 Number 4Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 4Pauline Tyrrell
Nov-2010Volume 10 Number 4The front cover picture is of Betty and Richard Hungerford and their children _ Nigel, Judy and Robin _ in 1961
May-2011Volume 11 Number 1Twenty years of HAFS AGMs, outings, events and Church services Pauline Richardson
May-2011Volume 11 Number 1Letters written by EKG Hungerford (E.6.5a.1b) to May Lambert from 15/21909 to 2/8/1910Lesley Abrahams
May-2011Volume 11 Number 1Descendants of Susan Hungerford (E.2.4a) and their Military ServicePauline Tyrrell
May-2011Volume 11 Number 1The Lady Margaret Hungerford Charity, Corsham, England Lesley Abrahams
May-2011Volume 11 Number 1The front cover picture is of Kenelm Hungerford and May Lambert
Nov-2011Volume 11 Number 2Letters written by EKG Hungerford (E.6.5a.1b) to May Lambert _ August to September 1910Lesley Abrahams
Nov-2011Volume 11 Number 2Thomas Hungerford (E.6) _ his political lifePauline Tyrrell
Nov-2011Volume 11 Number 217th Century Hungerford _ Long LinkStanley Hungerford
Nov-2011Volume 11 Number 2Powlett Brass, Minety Church, WiltshireStanley Hungerford
Nov-2011Volume 11 Number 2The front cover picture is of Thomas Hungerford (E.6)
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3Letters written by EKG Hungerford (E.6.5a.1b) to May Lambert - October 1910 - March 1911Lesley Abrahams
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3A Trek to Hungerford Country in South West QueenslandJenny Wilson
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3A Curious 15C Hungerford LawsuitPeter Sherlock (edited)
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VPauline Tyrrell (edited)
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3The Hungerfords in Ireland and their Australian descendantsVince Conant
May-2012Volume 11 Number 3The front cover picture is of Hugh Conant (E.4.2a.4b+) and children,. Clockwise: Hugh Conant; Bernadette (6c); Sue (Agnes) 3c); Mary (1c); a friend (mother of baby); Joan (4c); Araluen (Ann)(5c)
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4ïHungerford KnotÍ window reveals Dunch _ Hungerford linksStanley Hungerford
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4Hungerford Market and the site of Charing Cross Railway StationVince Conant
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4ïDungaleerÍ or ïDungalearÍ or ïThungalierÍLesley Abrahams
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4The Fate of Lynn FarnhamRich Hungerford
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4The Will of Joanne Hungerford n_e HusseyJenny Wilson
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VI Pauline Tyrrell
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4Twenty years of HAFS Office-Bearers and Committee MembersJohn B. S. Hungerford
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4Westbury, Dubbo and Dr Edmond Burkitt Lesley Abrahams
Nov-2012Volume 11 Number 4The front cover is an engraving of Hungerford Market, London, in 1850
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1Cecil Payne Hungerford (E.6.2a)Lesley Jane Abrahams
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1Hungerford Market _ Old (1682) and New (1832)Rich Hungerford
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1The Reverend Lovick Tyrrell (E.2.3a=)Lisa & Allan Thomas
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VII Pauline Tyrrell
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1Memories about Launcelot Machell Travers Hungerford (H.6a)Ann Riches
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1Family History 1066 _ 2010: Picot, Pigott-Stainsby-Conant, Hungerford _ UK and AustraliaVince Conant
May-2013Volume 12 Number 1The front cover picture is of Brian Robert Hungerford (E.6.5a.4b.3c) receiving his Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) on 11 June 1996
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2Canadian cousins - who they are and why we have themJohn W. B. Hungerford
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2An early farming family: Elizabeth & Adam McClure re-published from The Horsham Times(Vic), Friday 20 December 1935
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2Cadelgo - South Australia, North East Corner Lesley Abrahams
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2A Strange ChristmasHerbert (Gene) Hungerford
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2Thomas Leigh SimpsonLesley Abrahams
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2LAC William (Bill) Hungerford Pigott ConantVince Conant
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2William Boyle Hungerford and Florence Emelia Hungerford (n_e Lamb)Raechel Hungerford
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2Edmund Hungerford - ïremarkable bushmanÍLesley Abrahams
Nov-2013Volume 12 Number 2The front cover pictures are of bushman Edmund Hungerford (E.6.1a) and AIF flyer Lieutenant Thomas Leigh Simpson (E.2.3a.6b.2c=)
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Living Historian - 2011Vince Conant
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Operation Coburg, Vietnam 1968 John (Jack) Hungerford with Ian Atkinson
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Jack Hungerford recalls his Vietnam serviceJohn (Jack) Hungerford
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Theodore A. Hungerford Memorial Museum, Harwington CT USA Rich & Stanley Hungerford
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Farleigh Hungerford Castle: Summary of OwnersLesley Abrahams
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Cordillo Downs Station History ïLongtimeÍ places: Berambing and the Hungerford familyLesley Abrahams with Paul Swainston
May-2014Volume 12 Number 3Front cover pictures (left to right): Theodore A. Hungerford; Walter Henry Hungerford & Alice Emily Gill; Australian helicopter over Vietnam
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Brian Thomas Hungerford (E.6.4a.5b.2c) _ storyteller, author, musician???
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Whither the Hungerford name? The Spooner connectionStanley Hungerford
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Shipping Arrivals in Australia and New ZealandLesley Jane Abrahams
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VIIIPauline Tyrrell
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Guy Hungerford (H.4a)Lesley Jane Abrahams
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4Edward Swire (H.10=) _ an embezzlementBrett Harvey
Nov-2014Volume 12 Number 4The front cover picture is of Anne Nichols hugging Valencia Creek CFA leader David Montague (, after her Seaton home had been saved. Picture: Tim Carrafa. Source: Herald Sun
May-2015Volume 13 Number 1Hungerford-French-Viking ConnectionsGavin Donald
May-2015Volume 13 Number 1Robert Ellington Greenwood (E.2.7a.7b)Lesley Jane Abrahams
May-2015Volume 13 Number 1Hungerford Homes: ïBramhallÍ Owlpen _ A Tale of Two Historic HomesBrett Harvey and Pauline Tyrrell
May-2015Volume 13 Number 1Alexander William Sheppard (L.XIV.ii.2.5a.3b=)Angela Lind
May-2015Volume 13 Number 1The front cover pictures are of ïOwlpenÍ at Farley NSW (left) and Robert Ellington Greenwood (E.2.7a.7b - right), in his newly acquired AIF uniform for service in Egypt, 1915.
Nov-2015Volume 13 Number 2Mary Kate Hungerford (E.6.12a) and Gregan McMahonGregan McMahon
Nov-2015Volume 13 Number 2Houses of the Hunter ValleyBrett Harvey and Pauline Tyrrell
Nov-2015Volume 13 Number 2Hungerford Heraldry continued ƒLesley Jane Abrahams
Nov-2015Volume 13 Number 2The front cover photographs are of Mary Kate Hungerford (E.6.12a) and her husband Gregan McMahon
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3Hungerford Houses of AshfieldBrett Harvey
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3Listing of Hungerfords in the British House of CommonsStanley Hungerford
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3William Peter Hungerford (ïBillÍ - E.6.2a.1b.2c)Peter and Chris Hungerford
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3Merlin Herbert Hungerford (H.4a.5b / E.6.5a.5b)Lesley Abrahams
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3ïThiawandaÍ, The Slopes, Kurrajong, NSW Antony Guy Hungerford
May-2016Volume 13 Number 3The front cover photographs are of ïConistonÍ, Ashfield NSW and Sir Thomas Hungerford, first Speaker of the House of Commons, 1376
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4A letter of farewell -Arthur Martin
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4A letter of farewell - Introduced byGordon Douglas Hungerford
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4Deciphering the Heraldic Achievement of Sir Edward Hungerford (1596-1648)Stanley Wayne Hungerford
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4What Mollie did nextGregan McMahon
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4An incident whilst on patrol in VietnamJohn (Jack) Hungerford
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4Meadowfield, formerly "Bishopscourt', Armidale, NSW Brett Harvey
Nov-2016Volume 13 Number 4The front cover photographs are of the grave effigies of Sir Edward and Lady Margaret Hungerford; Margaret Hungerford; Albert Whitby and Emily Susannah (n_e Bedwell) Simpson of Meadowfield; and Corporal John (Jack) Hungerford, in Saigon
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1The Life, Times and Family of Becher Hungerford (B) and Lucinda Sarah Norcott (B=)Anton Ingarfield
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1Farley HomesteadBrett Harvey
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1Sister Emily Connell (L.IX.v.2.4a)Pauline Tyrrell
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1The Battle for Nui Dat, Vietnam (1967)John (Jack) Hungerford
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1The Life and Times of John KnightAlan Knight
May-2017Volume 14 Number 1